Sunday, February 14, 2010

JESS KLEIN at Our House 2-6-10

Our house as in our home, where we live, no kidding. We got LUCKY and had the honor of hosting Jess in a private house concert.
I will tell ya, we were nervous about it. Had never done it, didn't know which end was up but figured we'd give it our best shot.
We invited about 30 people and ended up with around 25, I think. The show was held inside for a couple of reasons. You don't know about the weather this time of year and no need for a PA system, which we sure as heck don't have! So, we set up in the living room and hoped for the best (prayed for no echo).
Our friends came early. We ate, drank and chatted. Just had a great time.
Jess emailed earlier in the week wondering if it was ok to bring Randy Weeks along. She said he would play some with her and do some of his own stuff. After I got back up from falling out of my chair, I replied he was welcome to come over to our house any time to play!
I have to tell you, the intimacy in your own home, well, it can't get any better. We have gone to a couple of house concerts and really loved it. But, both were with a PA system. To have someone stand in a room of your home and start playing a guitar and singing, no amplification, all I can say is, I have never experienced anything like it. It was SO cool! There is an intimacy there that can't be topped. To hear those familiar songs like that, I don't know how to describe how great they sounded.
Jess did 2 sets. Randy played with her in each set on a few songs, playing guitar and harmonizing. He also did one of his own songs in each set, with Jess helping out.
Really, I am still buzzed over the whole thing. To have these two great musicians playing in our house was an occasion we'll be remembering and talking about for a long time.
It was also very neat that some of our friends who were not familiar with either one were blown away, buying cds, raving, etc...Now they're fans and that's always a cool thing when you get to see other people discover new to them artists. I love that.
Finally, for the first time in a very long time, I didn't take any photos or video. You know, I do it mainly so I will always have something to go to. And I did have my camera right there. But when Jess started and sounded so good, I knew I wanted to just sit back and enjoy the show. Figured if I have trouble remembering this gig, I have a much larger problem to worry about.

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