Tuesday, June 30, 2009


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Got to listen online for bettysoo, also. She had the band with her and they cranked out "Who Knows" along with "Still Small Voice." Two good songs where Jeff Plankenhorn could wail on lead guitar and the keyboard player, Todd Wilson, could get the funk going. She sounded great, as always. Linda got a couple of videos:



If you haven't checked bettysoo out yet you are seriously missing the boat. That great new record she just put out "Heat Sin Water Skin" is getting major airplay. It debuted at #38 on the Americana charts this past week. The real deal.


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Another surprise guest! After Seth's 2 songs they announced Ben with his guest Eliza. Trust me, it killed me to miss this one. Grateful I got to stream it. They sounded so good. They played "Shotgun Suzy" from Ben's great record called "Look Good, Feel Good." Ben is pretty new on my radar. I like him a bunch. He's a good writer and has a cool voice. Linda was there and hurriedly grabbed the camera and did video him and Eliza. You can see it here:



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I love this guy. Seth is a bluesman, mainly, with a touch of New Orleans thrown in for good measure. New album called "Leap Of Faith."


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Missed them completely. I know they did "Rivertown." They were the mystery guest of the day. They were playing at Threadgill's later that evening in a full concert. KGSR said there would be a special surprise act at 3pm and this is who it was. Nice!


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Hadn't heard these guys before but they are a couple of renowned Austin songwriters. Bill wrote many of Stevie Ray Vaughn's hits along with the classic "Why Get Up?" Stephen played guitar for Nanci Griffith back in the day. He does a lot of producing and plays around town with Will Sexton and others.


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They sounded great in the car! They are fun and sound like Austin. Latest cd is "Haymaker."

FANFARE by Radio and Online

I had to leave after Band of Heathens. The rest of the bands I heard on the radio or streaming online at KGSR.com.


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Band of Heathens did 3 songs instead of 2, thank you very much. This is a country rock band with great 3 part harmony. The 3rd song they played is from a new record coming out this September.


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Always great to see Kelly. Live appearances are rare these days. She was accompanied by Andrew Nafziger on lead guitar. She belted out 2 songs from her latest record which is now about 2 years old, I think. She did Doyle Bramlett's "Sweet Sundown" along with "Teddy Boys." "Translated From Love" is the name of the cd. It is great and you should have it.
Got a pretty good video of her:


She also mentioned she is going to get out and perform more often now. Hearing that was the highlight of my day!


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Another new act for me. Very nice, all songs were sung in Spanish, bluesy TexMex. All of these acts were playing only 2 songs so it's hard to talk about more than a first impression. I will definitely go see them.


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We got there in time for the 9am act which was Rosie Flores. Hadn't seen her before. What a little rocker! TexMex bluesy rockabilly from someone probably well into her 50's and plays a mean electric guitar. Loved her. Gotta see more of her. Check her out:


FANFARE at Threadgill's 6-26-09

Yearly benefit by Family Eldercare to raise money for fans to supply the seniors in Austin who are doing without. It's sponsored by KGSR. They broadcast all day from there. Live music starts at 7am and goes through 6pm!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


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THE TRISHAS (well, 3 out of 4!)

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KEVIN WELCH at Continental Club 6-24-09

Austin. This town is amazing. And I hate that word, so overused. "How's that hamburger? Oh, it's amazing!" Enough already.
But this town is unbelievable. Unless you're living here and looking at all of the musical options for a reasonable price or less, it's just nuts.
The last 20 years Shawn Colvin has set my standards for songwriting and I think Kevin Welch is my male version of Shawn. I've only heard him a couple of times but I am hooked completely. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this guy. He writes great lyrics, has a great voice, I love absolutely everything about him. Go hear and listen to Killing Myself as it's a great song to get to know him by:


That rootsy, bluesy, alt country sound he has is unique. He does not sound like anyone else. You just have to listen to him. Period.
Kevin is doing a short residency on Wednesday nights for Happy Hour at the Continental Club. Finally get to see him again in an extended set.
Turns out he's also bringing in special guests and putting new material in front of an audience for the first time to see how it holds up. What a treat for us.
Along side him to open the show was his son Dustin (banjo/dobro/guitar/singer and songwriter in his own right) and Bill Chambers, a mandolin and lap steel player (Kasey's dad, too). The three of them played the first set (1 hour) together. Then Bill had to leave as he was playing later that night at the Cactus Cafe with Sam Baker.
The second set was Kevin, Dustin and for a couple of songs, 3 of 4 members of The Trishas. They are a recently formed band made up of Savanna Welch (Kevin's daughter), Liz Foster (who, on this night, was also our cocktail waitress), Kelley Mickwee and the fourth who wasn't there is Jamie Wilson (also in The Gougers). Boy, these girls singing together really sound good - twangy, gospelly, bluesy and everything in between.
So this was a $5 cover and we got 2 hours of Kevin, Dustin, The Trishas and Bill Chambers. Only in Austin.
Also, Toni Price stopped in before the show for a shot of Jack. She came over to our table and let us know she has moved back from California and is back doing her Hippie Happy Hour show at the Continental on Tuesday nights with Rich Brotherton on guitar. Said she is also forming an orchestra and they will be doing swing (think Bob Wills), jazz and all kinds of different stuff. Sounds great to us. She stayed for much of Kevin's first set and was the first one to go up and put money in the tip jar.
All of the photos from this show are courtesy of James Moseley. His are so much better than mine.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


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CHARLIE ROBISON at KGSR In Studio and at Waterloo Records 6-23-09

Charlie released a new cd yesterday called "Beautiful Day." It is his divorce album. All the songs were written as he was going through his breakup with Emily Robison. She's in a little band called the Dixie Chicks.
I won 2 tickets to the KGSR live, on air performance at their in-house studio. This is very cool. Have been once before, Lyle Lovett. It's a small room, great acoustics. Shows last about a 1/2 hour.
Later in the day they did the free cd release show at Waterloo Records. Pretty much the same songs played as earlier, just not in the same order.
Charlie has a new band: lead guitarist, keyboard, drums, steel/dobro and bass player. This album rocks as does this band.
He always been known as pretty much country, what I like to call redneck country because when you go to his shows, boy, you know you are in the South.
Anyway, he writes great songs. New Year's Day, Poor Man's Son, Life Of The Party.
I like this record much and I have only played it once. Already have a couple of songs that keep echoing through my head: Beautiful Day, Yellow Blues and Reconsider.
Got some pretty good videos at Waterloo. 3 songs that all sound very different form each other. Check them out:





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WILL TAYLOR & STRINGS ATTACHED featuring KAREN MAL and BETTYSOO at a House Concert 6-21-09

My first house concert and I was excited about this! Seems to me you can't get any more intimate than that so when this show was announced, I jumped at the chance.
Will Taylor takes great music and writes arrangements for them that support the playing of violins, cellos, wind and brass instruments along with your guitars, piano and drums. Some things turn classical, jazzy, a little of both, straight up, you never know. At least that's how I see it. I have seen 3 shows previous to this one. The first one I ever went to was held in a church downtown and it was the music of Led Zeppelin! Blew my mind. He brings in guest vocalists, also. That was the first time I ever heard Wendy Colona, I remember that. I also remember it opened with this guy walking up the church aisle with a guitar singing "Goin' to California." What a night! I've also heard them do The Beatles "Sergeant Pepper" album and the songs of Joni Mitchell with some terrific singers such as Suzanna Choffel, among many others.
So this show was taking the songs of some of Austin's own: Ray Wylie Hubbard, Slaid Cleaves, Eliza Gilkyson and Jimmy LaFave. Guest vocalists were Karen Mal and BettySoo. You had Will on violin or viola, Shawn Sanders on cello, Karen acoustic guitar, mandolin and vocals along with BettySoo on guitar and vocals.
It was much fun to hear these songs with no mics, just sitting in a living room 4 feet from the musicians. Sadly, the turnout was light. I was dismayed about it because it's such a cool thing. My only hope is that it was Fathers Day and that was the reason for the poor attendance. There were maybe 10 people. What a treat for us though. They did 2 sets, each lasting about an hour.
My first time hearing Karen Mal. Love her voice. Look forward to hearing more of her.
Admission was $15. A bargain.


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BAND OF HEATHENS at Shady Grove 6-18-09

I'm behind in writing about the shows & almost forgot this one! This was the 1st show since they pulled the plug due to license/loudness/you name it issues.
So, this show was much quieter than normal. The good thing is you could actually here the vocals clearly. Usually they are very muddy because they have the instruments up so high, vocals always get lost.
With the terrific 3 part harmony of the Band of Heathens it was great to hear them cleanly, crisply. They are a good, country rocking band with catchy melodies. They've been touring quite a bit since they released the self-titled Band of Heathens record. It's very good.
On this night it was Paul McCartney's birthday so they did a great cover of "I've Got A Feeling." They also did my favorite live song "Jenny Was A Keeper."
This band has 3 lead singers. They take turns singing lead & like I mentioned previously, when they harmonize, it is sweet.
We got a full concert, no police interruption, all is well. For now.

Monday, June 22, 2009


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SHELLEY KING and ELIZABETH WILLS at ArtZ Ribhouse 6-17-09

This was a song swap at a little rib joint in South Austin. They open up a little corner of the main dining room and set up the musicians there. They were fun together, playing and singing on each others music.
Shelley has a brand new record coming out soon called "Welcome Home." The Subdudes play on it and produced it. She played several, including the 1st single which is called Summer Wine. It is very catchy and already getting some airplay on Triple A Radio stations. See it and listen here as I did video it:


Shelley is the 2008 Official State of Texas Musician. First female ever! She's written many songs which have been covered by the likes of Toni Price, among others. We are lucky she is living here in Austin and we can go out and see her in a small room. She had the new cd for sale at this show and I didn't buy it. I figured I could pick it up at Waterloo later on but it turns out it's not released yet so I am kicking myself for not picking it up! Shelley won my heart when she gave a young, blind boy one of her new cds for free. There was a large table with many blind kids. This one boy was really getting into Shelley and when they got up to leave he went up to Shelley. I don't know what was said as Elizabeth was playing at the time. Anyway, the boy was accompanied by an adult and Shelley pointed to her cds sitting on a table. I think the adult said something about him not having any money and Shelley said to take the cd. May not seem like a big deal but they were working on this night for tips and whatever cds they sold. I thought it was great she did that.
Shelley plays a raucous, rocking, country, folk, blues hybrid. She's really good. Check out her music on her myspace page.
Elizabeth, I'm much less familiar with having seen her only one other time but I like what I've heard. Sweet melodies, writes from the heart, lots of relationship songs. I need to buy some of her music and get more acquainted with her. She played some new songs she has written and mentioned she'll be going into the studio to start recording next month. It will be fun to hear more of the new songs and then see how the record sounds once it comes out. I'm anxious to hear her with a band. Both times I've seen her have been solo.
These women are good guitar players on top of everything else.
They will be doing this gig every Wednesday for a while so I hope to catch them again at ArtZ.