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GAELIC STORM with help from the GREEN MOUNTAIN GRASS BAND at Waterloo

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a blurry LISA HAYES with help from a blurry MIKE CROSS at Waterloo

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VOICES OF A GRATEFUL NATION at Waterloo Records 11-12-08

This was a cd release performance from various artists found on either Vol 1 or Vol 2 of the "Voices of a Grateful Nation" cds. The cds sold will benefit the Welcome Home Project. This organization "is a nationwide effort designed to embrace the power of music and popular culture to mobilize our country's compassionate spirit, intellectual resources, and entrepreneurial skills to seek out, secure, and distribute funds, goods, and services to our homecoming veterans."
Both cds feature Texas musicians while the forthcoming cds will be artists from all over the country.
At Waterloo were Mike Cross, Gaelic Storm, Walt and Tina Wilkins, Kevin Welch, Lisa Hayes, Dustin Welch, Green Mountain Grass Band, Will Callery and a few others whose names I don't recall, darn it.
Kevin Welch, with help from his son Dustin and his band, did a cool version of "Don't Try To Fight It." That was a highlight for me. I love Kevin and this is a great song.
Gaelic Storm did "Never Felt So Alive" with backup from the Green Mountain Grass Band.
Lisa Hayes, with help from Mike Cross, did a song she wrote for the cd. She comes from a military family. Her dad served in WWII and she has 4 brothers, all with military backgrounds.
It was such a nice event, for a good cause and the turnout was so disappointing, I thought. It's a shame more people did not attend. There were several Vietnam vets but few younger people. Too bad.
The cds have some great artists besides those mentioned above: Jimmy LaFave, Carolyn Wonderland, Charlie Louvin, Willis Alan Ramsey...the list goes on and on.
Voices of a Grateful Nation has a myspace page:
Check out the Welcome Home Project:
Buy the music at:

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