Saturday, July 16, 2011


There are some other great shows I've seen since last October when I stopped writing about each and every concert.  I will post some pictures from the more memorable ones.  I still go out and see my favorites when I can but I wanted to get started on the new music I've found since I quit blogging.  Below you will find them:  Hadden Sayers, Liars & Saints, Johnny Nicholas and Jordann Mitchell.

JORDANN MITCHELL and the NEW USUAL at Threadgill's 6-24-11

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Another stumble upon find.  Went to a benefit and this Jordann came on and left us all with a blown mind.  Just your basic indie singer/songwriter who writes such sharp lyrics you can't believe someone that young came up with them.  Then again, I am getting too old.  It's always the really young ones that get you.  Always has been.  Joni was what, 19 when she started writing great songs?  Regardless, Jordann Mitchell is full of talent.  I can't wait to see her again.  On this day she was accompanied by a bass player and a percussionist playing a cajon.

JOHNNY NICHOLAS at Saxon Pub 6-10-11

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Another one I stumbled onto by accident.  Went to the Saxon Pub for a Jess Klein show and this guy was on ahead of her.  We get there and the band is setting up and it's Scrappy Jud Newcomb on guitar, Bruce Hughes on bass, Cindy Cashdollar on lap and dobro!  You gotta be kidding me!  So we knew this guy had to be good if those musicians were playing with him.  And it turns out he's damn great and I can't believe I didn't know of him because he's been around for quite a while.  He has that voice born to sing the blues.  He's got a new record out called "Future Blues" and all I can say is he floored me.  Seriously terrific.

LIARA & SAINTS at Momo's 6-29-11

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This band is exciting!  It's a super group of 3 Austin musicians and together, for my money, they are magic.  They rock, harmonize like no tomorrow and come up with killer melodies.  I hesitate to say catchy pop songs because some people don't understand that's a good thing.  Then again, if you are reading this, you get it.  I tell people who scoff at catchy pop songs, you know, it worked out alright for The Beatles so go educate yourself on what good pop is.  Anyway, Liars & Saints is definitely my favorite new band in town.  I hope they stay together as they are creating some great music.  The three who write the music and sing the songs are Kacy Crowley, Johnny Goudie and Jeremy Nail.  GO SEE THIS BAND!!  I believe they are coming out with an EP soon.  Sure hope so.  They have a FB Page and also you can check them on ReverbNation.

HADDEN SAYERS at Saxon Pub 3-19-11 during SXSW

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Heard him by accident.  It was during SXSW this past March.  Went to the Saxon Pub to see BettySoo.  Stayed for the next show and it was Hadden.  Talk about a lucky break for me.  Blues guy, heckuva voice and guitar player.  Brought the house down.  I think he has played lead for Ruthie Foster as well.  She joined him for 1 song on this night (just one of those many reasons you love living in Austin).  Anyway, he has a new album out called "Hard Dollar."   Check the guy out.  Mighty fine!


Hello Friends.  I see the last post was in October.  Gave up talking about live music here in Austin but didn't give up going out to hear it.  Just not nearly as much as I once did.  Things change and you roll with it.
Decided to jot down some stuff because there are some new to me players that have knocked me out.
May also post some photos from other memorable shows I've seen since last fall.