Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CINDY CASHDOLLAR and STEVE JAMES at Rawhide House Concert 1-31-10

First time at this place which holds monthly house concerts. We thought wow, Cindy Cashdollar in a house concert, gotta go! It was fantastic. This home is set up very nicely. It was cold so it was held inside. A nice, big comfortable room. They also have their own PA system. I did not go outside but it looks like they have a beautiful and large deck that is used for the concerts during nicer weather.
Honestly, I didn't know anything about Steve James. Came away a big fan. He's a real blues historian, that is for sure. He did pretty much all of the singing while Cindy sat and played her killer slide guitars. He played bottleneck, too. Talk about a night of stellar guitar playing. Pretty awesome to sit in someones home and witness these two.
We got to hear an immense amount of old blues/roots songs, going back to the 20's and 30's. Steve is also a heckuva story teller. Got the gift of gab and uses it well. Likes to set up the songs and he's awfully funny.
They did 2 sets, each one about an hour long. Cost was $20. Well worth it.

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