Tuesday, February 9, 2010


To our way of thinking, this was a great double bill that could not be missed. I think about once a month the Saxon hosts a Lone Star State of Mind show which is broadcast live on a local radio station. I can't say the call letters anymore as they've changed their format and pretty much stink up the place. Probably a matter of time before Lone Star State of Mind goes away, also.
Carolyn was first, from 9pm to 10:30pm or so. Live, she can't be beat but tonight was a whole different animal. It was about mid-day when word started getting around that her father passed away earlier in the morning. Can you imagine? She said the show would go on and was to be dedicated to him.
When she arrived, it about broke your heart. The emotion was visible. Puffy, swollen eyes. You just ached for her.
Shelley King joined her on several songs, a couple of them were gospel. I think it was comforting for everybody there, to tell you the truth. It was also nice, I thought, that Shelley was there with her since they are such good friends.
Carolyn ended the show with a song dedicated to her dad. You could see her trying to hold it together. About midway through the tears started falling and by the end, pretty much pouring. I don't know if there was a dry eye in the house, either. All of us in the audience will never forget her performance on that night.
After Carolyn came BettySoo for about an hour show. Still live on the air. She had Gurf Morlix in the band on guitar and that is always a treat. I tell ya, she always has great guitar players but there is something about Gurf's playing that sounds so good. Probably his style just lends itself to her music but boy, if you get the chance to see her when he is sitting in, don't miss it!

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