Monday, January 11, 2010

STONEHONEY at Threadgill's North 1-6-10

First live music of the new year for me. I've only seen these guys a couple of times which is ridiculous, as they play around Austin frequently and those times I did see them, they knocked me out.
They're doing a run at Threadgill's, playing every Wednesday evening for about 6 weeks, I think. There is no cover. It's a restaurant so most people are eating dinner while the music is going. That is a different vibe for me. I go for the music first and foremost while many people there are eating with the music being secondary. Hence, you will have to put up with noisy patrons but hey, it's a restaurant and the music is free, so that's how it goes. Also, it's more of a laid back show, no drums, not loud. Special treat on this night was Patterson Barrett sitting in much of the evening on pedal steel. Really nice touch, having that added to their music.
Stonehoney - 4 guys who harmonize like there's no tomorrow in a roots/Americana genre mostly but they do some blues, straight ahead rock, too. All 4 can and do sing lead but it's their harmonies that really make you sit up straight and pay attention. Just killer!
Lastly, I have to say Phil Hurley is a kick ass lead guitarist in a town that is full of them but he is right up there and also has one heckuva soulful voice.
They had guests up all night besides Patterson. They brought Bo Porter up for a few songs. He's a darn good honky-tonker who I've heard once before, over at the Saxon. They also brought up another guy, and I think his name was Bo also, who sang and played harmonica. He was terrific and I am bummed I didn't get his name. Lastly, Earle Poole Ball got up and sang a few songs. He usually does the weekly Wednesday night gig at this club. He is a keyboard player and plays around town in various formations. He also played in a band whose leader was named Johnny Cash. That's just how it is here in Austin.
All 4 each took a solo turn, also. That was nice to listen to them individually and get a feel for each.
So, a really fun night of terrific music. Started at 7pm and didn't end until well after 9:30pm. Can't beat it.

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