Sunday, January 10, 2010

KALU JAMES 12-14-09

This is a guy I've been hearing about and for several months have wanted to get out and see. Finally got my chance during the Bazaar.
Kalu is a Nigerian born singer/songwriter who uses some cool African rhythms in his music. First time I see someone all I do is sit there and think do I like the music? I don't try to remember lyrics or anything else.
I liked him a lot. The music is good. Lyrically, he reminds me of an old soul even though I think he's a pretty young guy. He sees the world.
He did his share of ballads but he mixes it up with some funk and neat rhythms. Definitely want to see more of him.

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Kalu James said...

Thank u so much Deb. It was really great meeting u. I saw Jess Klein a couple of weeks ago and thanked for sending someone to come check us out.
Hope to see u around soon