Friday, January 22, 2010

BETTYSOO at Austin Acoustical Cafe 1-16-10

This was trying out a new spot in town and hoping for the best, as in a listening room vs a music as background room. The good news is, it's definitely a listening room. The bad news is they serve coffee with that fake dry creamer stuff. Ich.
Anyway, they kicked off the new year with BettySoo so we debated all week, BettySoo at the new place or Bruce Robison and Ben Mallott at Saxon.
The new place is inside a senior citizens center. I am not kidding. No alcohol. Just coffee and homemade desserts. They really need to get real cream. I didn't try the desserts but man, they looked good!
The sound in this place was great. You could hear every guitar string, word sung and the crowd (full house) was listening.
No new musical ground tonight with BettySoo, just another good night of her music along with a few covers. If you've never seen her, she is getting very good at working the room. She's very witty and her between song banter can be hilarious and it was on this night.
Jeff Plankenhorn accompanied her and played acoustic guitar the entire evening. A real treat to listen to. Then Will Sexton rolled in for the 2nd set so there we were with BettySoo and two of Austin's best guitarists (that is saying something!). Only in Austin.
Fun night. $12 They played close to 2 hours.

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