Sunday, May 20, 2012

SLAID CLEAVES at Shady Grove 5-17-12

Hadn't seen Slaid in a full show in probably 2 years.  Gorgeous night at Shady Grove to sit out under the big oaks and listen to new songs, old songs, covers and always, the yodeling!
What was also exciting about this concert is it was announced that Scrappy Jud Newcomb would be part of his band, on lead guitar.  Rounding out the trio was Chojo Jacques on fiddle/mandolin.  He's played with Slaid for quite a while.
I thought it was going to be interesting to hear Slaid with somebody different on guitar.  Seems like Michael O'Connor and Slaid have been together forever.  I love Michael.  Think he is one of the greats in this town and that is saying a lot.
The first thing that was different was Scrappy playing electric and resonator, no acoustic.  Michael was always on an acoustic.  Scrappy was pretty laid back at this show.  I think he is pretty much brand new to the band so he seemed to be really going by feel.  Still good to hear him again as he's one of my favorites and I hadn't seen him in a while.
Slaid did all of his standards:  "Hard To Believe"  "Horsehoe Lounge" "Drinkin Days" "Horses and Divorces" "One Good Year" "Broke Down" to name a few.
Talked about Don Walser quite a bit.  Covered him on "Rolling Stone From Texas."
Also played several new songs, all of which sounded vintage Slaid and good.
The show lasted about 2 hours, 2 sets.  This was a free show, sponsored by a local radio station.
I took two videos.  One song is going to be on the new cd which is coming out real soon.  It's called "The Texas Love Song."  Here is the link:
Second video is here:  It's called Rust Belt Fields and was written with Rod Picott.  He said this one has never been released.  It's really good and lyrically made me think of Springsteen.
Great to see Slaid again after a too long time away.

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