Monday, March 23, 2009

SXSW Day 5, Sunday 3-22

I rested. Took Day 5 off. My mind felt like one big jumbled song so I gave up. Silence was sounding very nice.
There is so much music that you make choices, live by them and can't regret what you did or didn't see. However, I do regret a couple of things because it was totally unnecessary.
Friday night Alejandro Escovedo brought his 15 piece orchestra (including horns!) to the Hotel San Jose outdoor venue. From what I heard, he blew Congress Avenue wide open. Had I not over indulged at Maria's that day I would have been there.
The 2nd regret is missing Amy Speace. She played several times during the week and I always seemed to be about a day behind her everywhere I went.
Other than that, no complaints. We managed to hear many new artists while also supporting some of our local favorites like BettySoo and Jenny Reynolds who were also running all over town playing.
We didn't buy wristbands or badges and had no trouble getting in anywhere.

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