Monday, March 23, 2009

SXSW Day 2, Thursday 3-19-09 TINA DICO and KIM TAYLOR

Most of Thursday was spent traipsing up and down Congress Avenue between Guero's (Miranda Lee Richards), Hotel San Jose (Cuff The Duke from Canada) and Yard Dog (Joe Pug). Later we went downtown to Antone's (saw an Australian hard rocking band), The Amsterdam (Kacy Crowley)and then made a mad dash to South Austin's Saxon Pub (BettySoo).
But it was the night time that turned out to be the right time. Went back downtown to a place called live.create.lounge. It was off 6th street (think Mardi Gras - ugh, drunks everywhere) but was a world away, thank God. We went because I am a big fan of Tina Dico and have never seen her. When we got there a sign was up outside saying no admittance without a badge or wristband. We had neither. Walked up to a guy who was working the door and said we wanted to see Tina Dico, any chance of that happening? He asked if it was just the two of us and when I said yes, he replied, go on in. Very cool.
We walked in and it was a small room with most people sitting on the floor, paying attention completely to the person on stage. This turned out to be Kim Taylor. I'd never heard of her. She floored us. A singer/songwriter from Cincinnati who has a wonderful voice, is poetic and very melodic. I will be following her and sure hope she comes back to Austin soon so I can catch a full show.
Check her out:

After Kim came Tina. Boy, this was so good. She is a favorite of mine and did not disappoint. Her intensity on stage is something to see. People talk about putting themselves out there but I don't think I've ever seen anyone more personal on stage than her.
A word about the venue; it's a cool little spot. The problem is it has really high ceilings and the sound is not good. If they can do something about the acoustics it would make a great listening room.

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