Sunday, March 11, 2012

ANGELIQUE KIDJO at Bass Concert Hall 3-8-12

Spectacular show.  The kind where you are so wound up afterward trying to go to home to bed is downright cruel.
If you are familiar with her, you know she has A Voice.  Nothing has changed in that regard!  Her show though, caught me off guard.  Full of energy!  She was all over that stage, singing, dancing, having fun!  Her band included guitar, bass, percussion and drums.  The rhythm section was off the charts great.  Her drummer, if he wasn't singing, was smiling all the time.  And he is a fantastic drummer.  The entire band was wonderful.  Her guitarist played electric, acoustic and stylistically could go anywhere.  They all harmonized.
Her music is full of different sounds.  Of course, you have the African rhythms which are so fun and gorgeous.  But she has Spanish, reggae, soul, all kinds of influences in the music.  Best way I can think to describe her music is it takes you around the world.
We were also treated to stories of her growing up.  A father who reinforced education for all of his kids, not just the boys.  We learned about the generosity of Africans.  It bothers her that all we see of Africa is a depiction of poor, dying kids.  She was very enlightening, at least for me.
Along with the stories, she has a great sense of humor.  You put all that together, voice, rhythms, songs, stories, humor, loads of energy and it makes for one heckuva unique, great show.
Late in the show, she invited the audience up on stage to dance.  Before you knew it, the stage was packed with folks dancing.  Individuals came up front with her and the percussionist to do a solo dance, so to speak.  It was a blast!
Finally, after almost 2 non-stop hours she and the band came back out for an encore and did the Stones's "Gimme Shelter" and you have not heard a version like this before.  Got a video of it here:

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