Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SHELBY LYNNE at Gruene Hall 1-28-12

Where to begin?  She's out touring behind "Revelation Road."  First off, if you don't have the record, get it!  It's not a buy 1 or 2 song download.  Truly great from beginning to end and definitely a set of songs.  If you're not familiar with the story of writing and recording this album, google it and a million interviews should come up.
I was pretty excited about this show.  I'd never seen her solo but I've seen her often enough to know it should be a knockout concert.  And it was. Just her and 2 acoustic guitars.  I don't think there are many solo, acoustic shows at Gruene Hall.  That's a crowd that comes to party it up.  Other than Shelby, the only other person I've seen there hush that room is Rodney Crowell.  You gotta be a great songwriter with killer songs to do that at Gruene.
She played most of "Revelation Road" and that's what I was hoping for.  She came out, ran off about 8 or so of the new songs, thanked us for listening and then played songs from throughout her career.  The new songs included the title track, "Lead Me Love," I'll Hold Your Head," "I Don't Need A Reason," "Heaven's Only Days Down The Road" to name a few of my favorites along with the haunting "I Want To Go Back."  Everything I read focuses on "Heaven" but for me it's "I Want To Go Back."  Those lyrics are something else.  As far as the older music we got "Leavin," "Life Is Bad," "Jesus On A Greyhound" and upon request by a guy sitting behind me "Old #7."  She was funny.  Said "I don't take requests but I'll play that one."  The set ended with an on the edge of your seat a cappella "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" and with that the quickest 90 minutes you ever saw was over.  She came back out for an encore and I'll be danged if I can remember what she played.  I think I was still hearing the Dusty song in my head.
The concert was more than I had even hoped for.  Shelby's the whole package, you know?  The great voice, songs, soul, personality, looks.  When she's on stage, you're drawn in like being put under a spell.  She's just so soulful.  She throws it out there.
Also, I was lucky enough to get a video.  Got "Heaven's Only Days Down The Road."

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