Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BETTYSOO at Saxon Pub 1-27-09

Last night we got a chance to see bettysoo with her band in an extended set. I was excited about this because I've only heard her one time with the band and that was a short, 30 minute gig last summer. Also, the Saxon is a nice room for live music and their beer is always ice cold. Can't ask for more.
I like her band a lot. She had Jeff Plankenhorn on lead guitar. He is one of my favorites here in Austin. One of the guitars he played was a lap but not a steel. It had a really nice, warm tone. It's called a Weissenborn, comes from Hawaii and is acoustic. I've never seen one before but I sure like the way it sounds.
Todd Wilson is her keyboard player. He went back and forth between organ and piano. This guy funks her up! Really adds so much to her songs.
She has finished recording her new record and played several songs from it. From everything I've heard, it sounds like it's going to be good from beginning to end. Records like that don't come around too often anymore. No release date yet but hopefully in the spring or early summer. My favorite (so far!) is called "Still Small Voice." Check it out on my youtube page. She wails on it! She also did a great cover of Hank William's "Lonesome Whistle." This is a stunner. Managed to shut up the loud guys at the bar on this one. It will be on the new disc too.
So, for a ridiculously low $5 cover, we got about 90 minutes of great music on a cold Tuesday night in Austin, Texas.

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