Tuesday, October 6, 2009

YamJam at Threadgill's 9-27-09

YamJam is a yearly benefit put on to help feed the homeless for Thanksgiving. This year an extra twist was added. It was dedicated to the memory of Stephen Bruton. He was a great Austin musician, producer who passed away in the spring. This year's lineup was:
Bob Schneider
Boca Abajo
Alejandro Escovedo
David Grissom
Malford Milligan
We only got to stay for the first 4 acts. Each act played about 1/2 hour.
Bob was up first, solo acoustic. He did some new songs off his record which just came out called "Lovely Creatures."
The next 2 groups were young Latin powerhouses, Boca Abajo and Kalua. They were good, loud and rocking.
The last act we saw was Alejandro. He trimmed the band down to just lead guitar, bass and drums. He did his usual grest set, big energy and talked about Stephen, who was his dear friend and produced 3 of his albums.

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