Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BETTYSOO & SISTERS MORALES at Threadgill's 9-25-09

This sounded like a fun double bill and I like Threadgill's for outside listening. Of course, big fan of BettySoo while Sisters Morales would be something new.
BettySoo opened the show and had the trio version of the band, lead guitar and drums. No bass or keys.
Set lasted about an hour. We got that killer Ralston Bowles cover again, "What Do You Want From Me Now?" along with a new BettySoo song called "Things are Gonna Get Worse." This new one sounds real good!
Sisters Morales were much fun. They are sisters. Live in San Antonio. Have a stellar band and play a little bit of everything-Mexican, Latin, Cumbia, Honky Tonk, Twang, Funk. You can't put them in any kind of category. The sisters take turns on lead vocal and harmonize together really nicely. As lead vocalists, they both have powerful voices. I enjoyed my first time seeing/listening. They played for almost 2 hours!
$10 cover.

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