Friday, October 9, 2009


Since we didn't seem to be learning any lessons regarding burning the candle at both ends, we headed downtown to Momo's to catch some great, local music.
My friends got to hear Suzanna Choffel for the first time. I knew they would like her. She blew them away. It was funny to watch the transformation, especially my friend Bruce. He was pretty tired that night and didn't want to go. He went because we all were going. I think he was afraid we'd give him too much grief for wimping out. Anyway, we were sitting outside on their roof deck before her show and I said we really need to go inside. You are going to want to see and hear her clearly. Bruce didn't want to but I went in, found a good table and made them come in. Well, about 2 seconds into the first song I could see Bruce sit up and become alive. He was completely transfixed.
She and the band are terrific players. You get some jazz arrangements, funky rhythm & blues, and her sultry voice on top of it all. She doesn't sound like anyone else around and the band is great. She is an excellent guitar player. Not one that strums 2 chords & builds every song around them. Brad Houser on sax, Eldridge Goins on drums, Laura Scarborough on vibraphone, accordion and sometimes drums, Johnny Vogelsang on bass, seriously, these are Austin all-stars. They played close to 2 hours. My friends are now big fans. I knew they would be. A great way to end the night.
$10 cover

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