Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ROSIE FLORES at Waterloo Records 10-27-09

A free, as always, cd release show at Waterloo. Don't forget, they supply free beer, also. Bless this town.
Rosie's new cd is called "Girl Of The Century." Produced and recorded with Jon Langford in Chicago along with the Pine Valley Cosmonauts. All the reviews I had read were glowing: stellar, landmark record, etc...
These sets at Waterloo are usually pretty short, anywhere from 3 to 6 songs, usually. Rosie probably played a good 45 minutes, 7 or 8 songs, I bet. She was accompanied by the Rivetors. Don't know their names but the Rivetors consists of a bass player and drummer.
The new stuff sounds great. Vintage Rosie: honky tonk twang, rockabilly, blues, soulful ballads, great covers like Johnny Cash's "Get Rhythm." She is just fun to watch play, period. She has a blast, bouncing all around, dancing and playing the heck out of her electric guitar. And we can't forget, she still has a great, great voice. I believe she is pushing 60. She sure seems to be taking good care of herself.
I can't wait to see her in a real show when she comes back from Europe. She heads over there for November and will not be back playing in Austin before sometime in December. Looking forward to it!

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