Friday, October 23, 2009

DALE WATSON And His LONE STARS outside City Hall 10-23-09

Today was my first venture downtown for a free concert series put on by the city in the spring and fall. It's held outside the city hall building from noon-1pm. They have a food vendor set up and people come over for their lunch hour to listen to live music. And dance, of course. This is Austin.
Dale Watson and his band were on the docket today. I've heard of Dale, but had never seen him. I know he plays the Broken Spoke a lot.
Boy, was this ever fun! It was a beautiful day, blue sky, temp in the high 60's. You're sitting outside overlooking the river and traffic passing by.
Dale Watson is classic honky tonk. Songs about alcohol, more alcohol, women, guns and highways. Two steps, shuffles, waltzes, boogie woogies. It was great! Plus, he has this deep, rich baritone that is perfect for the songs. Besides Dale on lead guitar, you had bass, drums, fiddle and pedal steel.
The other thing I loved was the crowd. People on their lunch hour, dressed in business casual mostly, out on the sidewalk dancing like there's no tomorrow! It was great fun to watch. There's something to be said for spending your lunch hour steppin' away the time!
Got a good video of his opening song "South Of Round Rock, Texas," a song about Austin. Perfect.

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