Friday, October 9, 2009


The first band we heard was the Sam Roberts Band. They are out of Canada. Can't say enough good things about them. Fun and hard rocking, beautiful melodies. It's no wonder the Canadians come down and follow them all over the U.S. Really, really good.
Next, we slid over to Papa Mali. He had Bill Kreutzmann (Grateful Dead) playing drums. The entire set sounded like the Grateful Dead. It was nice.
We followed that with the Latin American singer Federico Aubele. I thoroughly enjoyed this guy. Laid back, Spanish reggae along with sultry ballads and Spanish flavored melodies. Beautiful music. He also had a female vocalist and they sounded great together.
We ended the night with The Levon Helm Band. Holy Cow! I was expecting this to be good because I've been hearing all these great things about Levon these days. I was not expecting him to be the #1 highlight of the entire weekend. This show was stunning! He comes out with a 5 piece horn section, 2 female vocalists (1 is his daughter), keyboards, guitars. There must have been 14 people on stage. They started with a song from The Band and also ended the show that way. He blew Zilker wide open, I kid you not. It was soulful rhythm & blues at it's best. It could have gone on all night, for my money. Everyone I've talked to who was at this show says the same thing - best show by far!

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