Sunday, October 11, 2009

SHELLEY KING'S last show at ARTZ RIB HOUSE 10-7-09

Shelley has done a weekly gig at ArtZ's for 6 years or so. Last week she mentioned this would be the last one! She also talked about how this gig evolved over the years. Turns out Floramay Holliday was the original one doing this show. When she moved to Dallas Shelley took it over. At one point Susan Gibson shared the bill with her. After Susan left, Carolyn Wonderland joined her. Since Carolyn left she's had various guests help out. honor of the last show they all 4 would be back! Oh my God, we knew we had to be there! This is a no cover show. Most people do go and eat dinner before hand and then hang out at least for the first set, if not the entire 2 sets. It's a song swap format.
Well, was this place ever packed! More fun than the music was the great feelings you could see between these 4 women. It was a sentimental, joyous night and everybody felt it. Musically, there was much collaboration and such fun to hear these 4 who are all much revered singers/songwriters/rockers, together in one little room. We knew how lucky we were. I tell ya, it'a so typically, and only, Austin. It was a night all of us won't forget any time soon.
It was also cool of them to have Elizabeth Wills, who was there enjoying the show, come up and play during the break. That was an added bonus for all of us. Elizabeth had been sharing the bill with Shelley this past summer. Then Susan, Shelley and Carolyn ended up coming back to sit in with her, also.
Last, but not least, Richard Bowden, a terrific, local fiddle player played most of the evening, too. I tell ya, you really had to be there to appreciate the kind of magical night this was.


Shelley King said...

Hey Deb! Thanks for posting such a nice review of the evening. It was special! I just wanted to give you a little further background on how the show got started initially. Actually, Floramay and I used to do an every Wednesday happy hour show at the Saxon and then we moved to Stubb's & kept it on Wednesdays. After Stubb's decided to cancel our happy hour (because it was too crowded & loud for happy hour) Art from ArtZ Ribhouse sent a message to us that he'd like to host our regular Wednesday song swap show.
Saxon 2000-2001 (shelley, floramay, teri cote)
Stubb's 2001-2003 (shelley, floramay, then later adding carolyn for sis deville shows once per month during our happy hour)
ArtZ 2003-2009

Shelley & Floramay 2003
Shelley & Susan 2003-2004
Shelley & carolyn 2004-2008
Shelley & Susan 2008-2009

or something like that...those dates are approximate.
Great seeing you at shows! My cd release party will be at the Saxon Pub on Saturday Nov. 14 at 3pm (matinee)! Please come!
Shelley King

Deb said...

Thanks a lot for filling in the history of the show. I've been in Austin since 2006 & had no idea about the Saxon & Stubb's shows. I love hearing about it!
Nov. 14th at 3pm is on the calendar! Can't wait to pick up the cd!
Take care,