Friday, October 9, 2009


Started off with a young Austin band by the name of Nelo. I really liked these guys. Great melodies, love the lead singer's voice, very soulful. They also have a sax player. For me, horns are like garlic, you can't have enough. I think they add so much to rock bands. Think E Street. Anyway, I will be buying their music. I also have a pretty good video posted from this show:

Next was Leatherbag, another Austin band. Like them also. Hard rocking with thoughtful lyrics.
After Leatherbag came The Low Anthem, a trio with a sound all their own. They all played various instruments, switching back and forth all of the time. Interesting group, songs and sounds.
Next up was Sara Watkins, formerly of Nickelcreek. She plays the fiddle, sings and is very good. Also joining her on stage was the fellow who produced her record, John Paul Jones. Yes, he of Led Zep fame.
Then came highlight #1 - Poi Dog Pondering. Live, these guys and gals are hard to beat. They never let me down and today was no different. Their hour set flew by. They were my pick this year to have sign my poster.
Raphael Saadiq was highlight #2. I had heard his song "100 Yard Dash" and liked it but my God, live, this guy just killed. He sings, he dances, he plays guitar and it's like watching one of the old Motown groups perform. That's the thing, he & his band put on a show. They perform. It was a ton of fun. He has a backup female vocalist who has SO much personality and dances constantly. She was a blast!
Last set of the night for us was Them Crooked Vultures, the supergroup featuring John Paul Jones, Dave Grohl and Josh Homme. Wow, these boys rocked hard. It was especially fun to watch Dave Grohl beat the heck out of his drum kit.

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