Wednesday, October 21, 2009

JESS KLEIN at Cactus Café 10-15-09

This was a cd release show for her great new record called “Bound to Love.” She had the whole band and I’ve never seen her with a band before. Always solo or with Scrappy Jud only.
Opening the show was Anne Heaton. We really enjoyed her. I’d seen her years ago at a coffee house in the Midwest. She plays piano and her songs are sort of folk/pop, good to listen to. What I didn’t recall from years back is her banter between songs. She’s very funny and tells great stories. Ended up buying her latest cd after the show. It’s called “Blazing Red.” Haven’t had a chance to listen yet but looking forward to it. It’s always fun when you get a terrific opening show and we did. I loved having a pianist to listen to. She has a really nice voice also.
Jess came on with the band about 9:30pm. Played much of the new material, which was great to hear live and with the full band. Midway through the set the band left the stage and Jess performed a couple of songs solo. Then the band came back and finished off the show. It lasted about 11/2 hours. $7 cover
One of the songs she did by herself is called “Rosalie.” I tell you, this song, every time I hear it, gives me goose bumps. There aren’t that many singers who sing with such emotion in their voice. Lots of people with soul, you know, but that sound that, when they open their mouth, you feel it right then. Lucinda Williams, Patti Smith are like that. That’s how it is with Jess. It’s one thing to hear it but to watch it live, well, nothing better than that.
She also had Ben Mallott join her on stage to sing the Slaid Cleaves part in “Fool.” This is another song off the new record. It, like the rest of the album, is terrific.
If you get a chance to catch her live, you need to do it. Great songs and that emotion…powerful stuff.
I didn’t take any photos or video. It seemed too intimate so I decided to lay off that for a night.

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