Friday, October 9, 2009

pre AUSTIN CITY LIMITS Music Festival 2009 Wednesday 9-30-09

Much to write about & not wanting to spend the time! Oh well, gonna give it a shot. The festival runs 3 days, Friday through Saturday. For us, it runs about 5 full days as friends start arriving the Wednesday before and we are pretty much off to the races from then on.
So Wednesday evening after we all ate at Salt Lick, we split up. Linda went home. Matt, Tammy & Bruce headed to the Saxon Pub to see Monte Montgomery, a guitar virtuoso, while Liz and I went to ArtZ to see Shelley King. Shelley had a guest, a singer/songwriter by the name of Melissa Greener. Shelley did her usual fun, rockin' show and we enjoyed hearing Melissa for the first time. We only heard a couple of her songs but it was enough to know we'll check her out again. Not sure if she is living in Austin or not.

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