Monday, August 9, 2010

WILL SEXTON and BETTYSOO at Cactus Cafe 8-3-10

Turns out last Saturday night wasn't my last visit to the Cactus under its current management.  A spur of the moment added show brought me back.  And it takes a lot to drag me out on a Tuesday night.
When I saw the announcement for this concert, I figured I'd want to be at the last Cactus show BettySoo played but when I saw it was a co-bill with Will Sexton, I had to go!  I've seen that guy only as a sideman, lead guitarist for the best talent in Austin.  I have 2 of his cd's (they're great!) so couldn't wait to see him live, doing his music.
Will kicked off the first set, probably played a 1/2 dozen songs, many off the 2 cd's he released in 2009.  It was fantastic!  Just him and an acoustic.  He has the coolest voice, doesn't sound like anybody I can think of to compare him with.  Writes great songs.  This was a real pleasure for me.
Then BettySoo came up and he went back to his great lead guitar role!  They played another 1/2 hour or so, took a break, did another set, just like the first, Will up solo, then the 2 of them together.
BettySoo played 3 new songs so that was cool!  Whatever is coming next from her, album wise, sure sounds great so far.
Show started at 8:30 and ended around 10:30, I think.  $15 for this duo.
I left thinking how Will should be known to the masses.  His songs are so good.
I know he has 3cd's.  Here are the 2 I have:
"Move The Balance" and "Bus Stop Gossip, Other Lies & Respected Crimes"
2 big thumbs up from me
Kicking myself for not picking up the 3rd at this show.  Next time I see him, I'll get it.

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