Sunday, August 15, 2010

BUCK OWENS Birthday Bash at Continental Club 8-12-10

Had never been to this annual event and this was the 19th one.  It is a real zoo!  Place is packed and half the people are musicians.  They had 40 different artists and 80 songs were being played!  Started at 7:30 and cover was $15.  House band included Earl Poole Ball and Casper Rawls.
We made it to 10:30.  Left after Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison played.  They were, as always, great to listen to.  Other highlights were Monte Warden and Randy Weeks.  Both came out and lit the place up with up tempo rockabilly songs.  Heard probably 10-12 other musicians, too that we weren't familiar with.
I'm sure that night was going to last until at least 2am but while we were entertained, it wasn't going to keep us afloat all night so we bailed after our faves, Bruce and Kelly, were done.

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