Monday, August 2, 2010

GIRLS GONE WYLDWOOD at Wyldwood House Concerts 7-10-10

This was a blast!  And I mean blast!  You had 5 singer/songwriter/rockers sitting together swapping songs.  We had Suzanna Choffel, Erin Ivey, Vanessa Lively, BettySoo and Noelle Hampton.  The lone ranger was Andre Moran on lead guitar.
There was some collaboration but not much.  Noelle Hampton did the most, playing harmonica on several of the other ladies songs and she is good. Plays in an understated way and adds a whole bunch to any tune she jumps in on.
We hadn't heard Erin Ivey before and Vanessa only once.  We became fans, for sure.
Suzanna, BetrtySoo and Noelle were, as usaul, great to listen to.
A long show.  Started at 7:30, 1 break and ended around midnight.
$10 admission.  Should have been a whole bunch more than that!

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