Monday, August 2, 2010

NOELLE HAMPTON at Cactus Cafe 7-15-10

The more we hear Noelle, the bigger fans we become.  She writes great songs, beautiful melodies, has a cool voice and holds your attention whether it's a ballad or a rocker.  Along with the guitar, she also plays harmonica and while I'm not a big fan of a lot of harmonica, I love the way she plays.  For my money, when it's done right and doesn't take over a song, it can be as expressive as a pedal steel.  Really make a song.  She does that every time.  Andre Moran (her husband) plays lead guitar in the band and I love the way he plays.  It is so different than what I'm used to.  He doesn't seem to care about ripping out a blazing solo and it's nice.  His playing so fits the songs.  Understated but you're always watching and listening to him.
On this night she had Rick Richards on drums, can't remember the bass players name, darn it, and also had Mark Hallman (producer here in town) who did some singing, percussion and whatever else was needed for the song!
They played 2 sets and I think it was a free show, which is nuts.
Also, opening was a singer/songwriter by the name of Claire Small.  We loved her!
At the break, bought both cds.
Claire's is called "How Do You Like Love?"  Buy it here:

Noelle's is called "Thin Line."  This is one of those that is good from beginning to end and those aren't easily found anymore.  You can get it here:

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