Monday, August 2, 2010

ELIZABETH MCQUEEN at Scholz Beer Garten 7-21-10

Back at Scholz for another free show at their weekly summer series.
Elizabeth McQueen is that GREAT voice you hear in Asleep at the Wheel.
Couldn't wait to hear her with her own band.  It was fantastic.  She sounds some like Asleep, a little bit country, swing and jazz.  On this night Emily Gimble sat in on piano and took the lead singing on a few songs.  It was a fantastic night listening to these two ladies sing and play.  Also, Andrew Nafziger is playing guitar in her band.  He's great.  Have seen him over the years with both Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison.
To top it off, Elizabeth brought Claire Small up for a song.  We had just seen her the week before opening for Noelle Hampton and loved her.  She tore it up!
Thoroughly enjoyed this show.  Always love it when a band gets the dancers up and going and they sure were, from the get-go, on this night.

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