Monday, August 30, 2010

TERRI HENDRIX at Saxon Pub 8-27-10

This was a live broadcast for the radio show Lone Star State of Mind.  Terri had Lloyd Maines on all things string, Glenn Fukunaga on bass and John Silva on drums.  These shows at the Saxon for Lone Star can be tricky.  The first hour is not broadcast.   I would say 99% of the bands, that first hour, sort of use it as a warm up so they're ready and firing on all cylinders once the broadcast to the world starts.  And that's understandable.  It just makes for a different concert going experience.  Once the broadcast starts, they all ratchet it up several notches.  But it is only for an hour, plus there are breaks for commercials, it really is very different than going to a normal show.
We didn't get to hear much from her latest "Cry Til You Laugh" which is what I was hoping to hear a lot of.  Only because the last time I saw her, the music from that record was unfamiliar to me.  Now, I know it backward and forward as I can't stop listening to it!  You know, it's always different when you're hearing something for the first time vs knowing it inside out.  At least for me, I hear it much differently.  Pick up on changes from the recorded version, listen for certain things, stuff like that.
It was still a fun show.  She's written many good songs over the years and we got to hear almost 2 hours worth on this night.
Think the cover was $15.  That included Colin Gilmore who was on after Terri.  His first hour would be the 2nd half of the Lone Star broadcast.  We left, darn it, and didn't hear him.  I like Colin and he has a brand new record out.  Lloyd Maines produced it, I believe.  It was kind of late for us, so we did call it a night after Terri.  Hopefully, we'll see Colin soon.
The Happy Hour show on Friday's at the Saxon is Earl Poole Ball and the Cosmic Americans.  Got there in time to hear about the last hour of their set.  Always a fun time.  Rollicking honky tonk.  Besides Earl, other serious all-star players are Glenn Fukunaga on bass, Casper Rawls on lead guitar and Dony Wynn on drums.  Only in Austin.

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