Sunday, August 22, 2010

SUZANNA CHOFFEL at Unplugged at the Grove, Shady Grove 8-19-10

Haven't been to many of these shows this year but didn't want to miss this one.  Suzanna is a local talent we really like.  It is always fun to go to the Unplugged shows when someone up and coming, who we've been following and watching them work their way up, gets to play them.  It is a big deal here, playing the Unplugged series.  This is a free, summer concert series.
Since I'd seen her last with a full band, the group tonight (drums, lead guitar and bass) was entirely different and no Laura Scarborough on vibes/keyboards.  I did miss Laura's playing.
It was a good show.  We heard many new songs as she is currently working on a new record.  Not sure when the release date is.  They didn't take a break and played a good 90 minute set.

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