Wednesday, August 4, 2010

JESS KLEIN at Wyldwood House Concerts 7-24-10

A great night, this was.  Jess put on one spectacular show!  She had the great Scrappy Jud Newcomb on lead guitar along with Mark Addison on bass.  Maybe it was the full moon, being out under the stars, the cicadas keeping rhythm, whatever it was, I haven't seen a better show from Jess.  She sang and played passionately, each and every song.  2 sets, including a few special guests, Ben Mallott, Noelle Hampton and Ray Bonneville.  Ben sang "Fool" with her and Ray did one of his own, "Shy Star" with Jess singing the Eliza Gilkyson part, and they did an old blues tune, can't remember now which one, maybe an old Blind Willie Johnson, anyway, it was really good.  Jess is such a good writer and it was awesome to sit there and listen to her lyrics with pristine sound and sung with such gusto as she did!  "hearts break, birds fly"  what a line
Lastly, Claire Small opened.  We'd heard her the week before as an opener for Noelle Hampton and liked her straight away.  Seeing her on this night with her bass player, Matt Eskey, was another affirmation for us that we want to see and hear more of her.  A singer/songwriter on the Americana side of town, we look forward to listening to a lot more from Claire.  She's currently on the rode opening for Asleep at the Wheel.  Very cool!
Cover was $10.  Another Austin bargain.
The Wyldwood space is neat.  As far as house concerts go, definitely my favorite place to be.

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