Monday, August 30, 2010

AMY COOK at Shady Grove 8-26-10 Unplugged at the Grove

Another awfully good show from Amy.  This will be sorta brief as I recently wrote about her in what was a great, great show at the Cactus with Alejandro, David Garza and David Pulkingham.
Anyway, on this night, she had her regular band.  The only name I know is the lead guitarist, Jake Owen.  He's a favorite.  Just like the way he plays, whether he's with Amy or Sahara Smith.
Suffice to say, I love Amy's writing, like this line from "Moonrise," "Some people wait for a flash of light.  Some people wait for Jesus Christ. Well I guess I'm never satisfied.  I'm just waiting on the moonrise."  I love the way she can rock the heck out of ya with  "I Wanna Be Your Marianne" or throw an achingly gorgeous "Hotel Lights" at you.  Not to mention, a killer, kickass cover of Janes Addiction "Jane Says."  She really, really does this song like she owns it.  Need to get a video of it.  Spectacular.

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