Wednesday, June 2, 2010

SHELBY LYNNE at St. David's Church 5-19-10

First off, I love Shelby Lynne.  Think she is GREAT.  Writer, singer, performer, nobody better.
This show had the chance to be a fantastic one.  Held in a church, you had to figure the crowd would be attentive and listening, not the usual gaggle of men/women in bars drooling over her with catcalls like she is some kind of object.  Going to her shows, I sometimes feel embarrassed for my fellow fans, they act so ignorant around her, yelling all night how hot she is.  Never mind listening to the music.
I was right about an attentive, good crowd.  The room was packed and everybody was listening.
Shelby put on a great, soulful show, accompanied by a lead guitarist and bass player.  The trio was so good!  She did much from the new record "Tears, Lies and Alibis" and also her entire catalog.  Ended on a Willie Nelson cover, "Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground."  Real nice touch.
Now for the drawbacks to the church show.  After the first 2 songs Shelby said the lights were too bright, turn them down.  So, they turned them off.  All we saw the rest of the evening were 3 shadows on a stage.  I think tickets were maybe $35?  I'm not interested in paying good money for an intimate venue to try and follow shadows.  Secondly, the sound.  It's a church.  It had very high ceilings with different angles so the sound was not the greatest.  It wasn't terrible, just not pristine.  So, all in all, I would say it was a bit of a disappointment.  You don't get to see her that often so when you do, you'd like to see her and the band and she deserves great sound.

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