Wednesday, June 2, 2010

EXILE ON S. LAMAR at Maria's Taco Express 5-20-10

This was a cool deal, a benefit for the musicians in Nashville who have lost so much from the recent floods there.  What with the re-release of the classic Rolling Stones "Exile on Main Street," the Sin City Social Club decided to do a takeoff on it for this occasion.  A bunch of bands would perform the entire double record.  It was a blast.  Among the players you had the Mother Truckers, Earl Poole Ball, Stonehoney, Ruby James, Randy Weeks, Deadman, Jesse Dayton, Michael Des Barres and David Beck.
I was familiar with most.  The 2 I hadn't seen before were Deadman and David Beck.  Definitely want to see more of them.
It was a fun night.  All of these great Austin players wailing away on the Stones.  What's not to love?

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