Monday, June 28, 2010

ELDERCARE FAN DRIVE at Threadgill's 6-25-10

Not really a concert but a charity event where bands come in every hour, play 2 songs live on the radio and the rest of the time is spent sitting around waiting for the next hour to come by.  I don't think I'll go back to this again.  I'll donate my money but skip the day spent sweating like crazy to hear 2 songs every 60 minutes.  It used to be much more fun and the bands got to play more than 10 minutes.  Now, not only is it kind of a waste with so little live music, but there is just no personality to the event.  They used to, between sets, have dj's and others come up on stage, offer information, kind of chat it up to boost the crowd, give them a reason to stay there, suffering in the heat, but no more.  You know, actually engage with their audience and supporters.  A very boring affair now (other than the 10 minutes of live music each hour).  I remember as recently as 2 years ago, the place being packed.  Things have changed.  The radio station who is a co-sponsor, KGSR, has lost a bunch of loyal listeners who always supported this event.  The station is a skeleton of its old self and the days of Jody Denberg (no longer there), Susan Castle (no longer there), Bobby Ray (no longer there), Bryan Beck (still there) being at this event and talking to fans, a real community of people out to support a great cause and have fun doing it, is just a memory.  A real shame.
As for the music, we got to hear:
BettySoo (our fave)
Shinyribs (aka Kevin Russell, The Gourds, loved Shinyribs, country funk!)
The Gourds (always great country rockin' and fun)
Kelly Willis (love love love and she doesn't come out much anymore so even 2 songs is worth the sweating to hear)
Mingo Fishtrap (horns, funky r & b)
Malford Milligan (serious soul)
We left with 3 more performances to go.  First time we've left early but like I mentioned, it was so hot and so boring, we said to heck with it.

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