Sunday, June 20, 2010

MARCIA BALL at Shady Grove 6-17-10

God, what a show!  It was a hot, muggy night in Austin and when Marcia took the stage, it ratcheted everything up another notch!
This was another Unplugged at the Grove show.  Always free and always fun.  Good food, cold beer, great music.
Marcia's band included bass, lead guitar, sax and drums.  They played an almost 2 hour straight set and it was jumping.  There were only a few slow songs while the rest of the evening you were bop, bop, bopping.  Was it ever fun.  A night of full throttle, rollicking, Louisiana blues rock.
We got introduced to a new guitar slinger in town.  His name is Mike Schermer and is he ever good!  Her whole band was fun to watch.  The sax player, and I'm sorry I don't remember his name, when not playing, was always smiling.  The drummer was a blast to watch, lots of facial expressions and then you have Marcia with her legs a kickin' and looking like she might just jump right off that piano stool.
You know, it's funny, the song I will remember was probably the slowest one played all night.  Written by Chip Dolan (he was at the show, also), it's called "Bucktown."  Written in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, God, it gave me goose bumps listening.  She sang the heck out of it.  Painfully beautiful song.
Got a pretty good video of Marcia'a opening number.  See it here:

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