Monday, June 28, 2010

CAROLYN WONDERLAND at Shady Grove 6-24-10

Carolyn did 2 shows in Austin, back to back.  We skipped the night before at Blues on the Green and opted for the more relaxed Unplugged at the Grove series at Shady Grove.  We did hear there were 5-6000 people the night before at BOG!
This was a typically great show even though it was as laid back as I've ever seen Carolyn.  Which, her laid back is still most people's full speed ahead pace.
We did get to hear a few new songs so that was cool, also.  First time seeing her new drummer, Rob Hooper.  He's played with Guy Forsyth, among others, and that is who I've always seen him with.  Anyway, he's fun to watch, very expressive.  He played a Black Swan, a cajon, a snare, a couple of cymbals and the biggest tambourine I've ever seen in my life.  Pretty cool.
Also, Shelley King sat in on several songs.  Shelley makes everything sound better.  What a voice!

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