Sunday, June 20, 2010

ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO at Long Center 6-18-10

Not a concert but a cool thing so I have to write about it.
Next week the Bruce Springsteen dvd of his concert at Hyde Park last summer, called "London Calling," comes out.  Several select markets got to premiere a 90 minute segment of it ahead of time.
So, we bought tickets, of course.  $10 to see it on a big screen, high def., etc...
Lo and behold, Alejandro and his great lead guitarist, David Pulkingham, opened for the film!  They came out and played 3 songs off his new record called "Street Songs of Love."  Believe it comes out in the next couple of weeks.  Springsteen sings on it, too!
There we were, seeing one of our great, local talents kicking off a Springsteen movie event.  Man, it was cool!
Totally acoustic and we heard all new songs, including the one Springsteen sings on, "Faith."  The other 2 were "Anchor" and "Down In The Bowery," which was written for his 18 year old son.  This is gonna be another great Alejandro record.
Telling you, this stuff only happens in Austin.
PS  "London Calling," from the 90 minutes we saw, is nothing short of spectacular.  Finally, a film that is as close as you will ever get to his live show, without being there.  GREAT!

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