Wednesday, June 2, 2010

RANDY WEEKS at Joe's Bar and Grill 5-30-10

Well, the weekly Sunday afternoon show got moved to Joe's after Irie Bean got shut down for a problem with noise or music license or who knows what?
This day was to be his last show for a while as he's heading north to do some shows where it's not 110 degrees everyday.  
Seems like Randy has a bunch of new songs and hopefully he'll put out a record soon.  He had Will Sexton again  playing guitar and Jess Klein singing with him.  Played about an hour and it was a fun set.  That guy writes great songs.
After his set, Jess did her own set and Randy, along with his band, backed her.  It was really good.  She also had Ray Bonneville do a song with her.  It was killer!
We left after that so who knows who showed up and played as the evening wore on?!
Free show, tip jar only.

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