Wednesday, June 2, 2010

INDIGO GIRLS at La Zona Rosa 5-29-10

What a week!  Started out with the house concert featuring Natalia, Louise and Ray to ending it with the Indigo Girls where we were front row, leaning on the rail!
It's been a while since I'd seen them in a full show.  I did see them at an ACL Festival a few years ago but that's not a real show.  The last time for me had been back in Chicago, probably 2005.
They haven't skipped a beat.  Came out firing on all cylindars, from the opening "Joking" to the encore ending "Galileo."  Played about an hour and a half regular set and a 2 song encore.
Also, really neat was their opener was Terri Hendrix.  She had Lloyd Maines with her who plays any variety of guitar you can think of.  First off, they were great as the opener.  She really held that crowd for 45 minutes, just did a fantastic set.  Lloyd sat in with the Indigo Girls, playing slide, on several songs while Terri came out and did some singing on about 3 songs, also.
It was such a cool night, to see the Austin players open and then contribute mightily to the main act.
The Indigo Girls are still pouring it out there.  Not going through the motions but playing with gusto, soul, their hearts.
And!  Still keeping ticket prices reasonable for all of their fans.  $25  Who else at that level is charging so low?  Nobody I can think of.

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