Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BETTYSOO at Shady Grove - Unplugged at the Grove Summer Concert Series 6-3-10

This was cool, seeing one of our favorites headlining at our most fun summer concert series.  Always a stellar lineup, a good mix of mostly local Austin/Texas artists mixed in with some neat national acts, also.
The place was packed and BettySoo put on a great show.
 Had the whole band, including 2 lead guitarists.  Somehow, it works out just fine between Jeff Plankenhorn and Will Sexton.
Also, she called up Charlie Faye and Abi Tapia, who were both in the audience.  They harmonized on a couple of songs.
Got to hear a couple of new songs.  There is this one, about "lying to me" which is stuck in my head and I've only heard it twice.  It's a good one!  One of the things I love about living here, where so many of my favorites play on a regular basis, you hear new songs come to life, evolve, until they finally make it to their recorded state.
Did her usual great covers, too and what I will remember from this night is when they did "Gotta Serve Somebody," Jeff Plankenhorn did a searing, jaw dropping solo on it.
They played without a break for about an hour and forty minutes.

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