Monday, May 17, 2010

SONGWRITERS IN THE ROUND at Threadgill's, mystery band at Saxon Pub and FLYJACK at Waterloo Records 5-13-10

The Songwriters show featured Jimmy LaFave, David Jacobs Strain, John Fullbright, Jude Johnstone along with accompaniment from John Inmon on lead guitar and David Mansfield on violin.  Going into this show, I was familiar with Jimmy and John but not Jude or David.
Jimmy and John are 2 of my favorites, Jimmy an old hand while John is definitely the future.  I really can't wait until many more people get to hear this guy.  We are spoiled here in Austin, that is for sure.
David, I thought, was great.  A bluesy type singer/songwriter and a pretty slick guitar player, also.  He had a guy with him who played harmonica but I can't remember his name, darn it.  He joined in on everybody else's songs as the night went on.
Jude was fantastic, too!  She definitely leans to bluesy stuff, I think.  Her voice lends itself that way.  A rich sound, kind of jazzy, she has.  While the others played guitar, she was the lone pianist on this night.  Sounds like she's written songs that others have played, including one she did that Johnny Cash recorded!  That's serious stuff!!
I'd love to hear more of her and David.
They each did 3 songs, took a break, came back and the intent was to play 3 more apiece but time ran short.  It was still a great night of music.  I think the tickets were $10 or $12.  Another Austin bargain.
Before this show I went to Waterloo Records to hear a band called Flyjack.  They were doing a free in-store.  I really like their singer's voice, Tameca Jones.  Had heard her before with Will Taylor and Strings Attached.  Anyway, she's got a funk band together now, with horns.  A breath of fresh air, this kind of music.
After that and still before the songwriters show, we hopped over to Saxon Pub.  I don't know if the band has a name but it's David Holt, Will Sexton and Gabe Rhodes on lead guitars along with Tommy Shannon (Double Trouble, Stevie Ray's band) on bass.  Can't remember the drummer's name.  Isn't that always the way it goes?  Anyway, they did all covers and if you ever want to hear only one cover band, this is it!  Holy smokes, serious players rockin' it!  Everything from Sam Cooke to Jimi to the Stones.  It was a Blast!  No cover, tips only.  They've been doing a Thursday night happy hour gig there but I'm not sure how long it will continue.  If you get a chance, go!
So, 1 night, 3 different, fabulous shows...just another Thursday in Austin.  Not to mention, to see these I had to pass on Kelly Willis at Shady Grove and Slaid Cleaves at the Cactus Cafe.  It's a crazy town.

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