Sunday, May 2, 2010

SIS DEVILLE at Threadgill's 4-13-10

First time seeing this band.  This is a group made up of some of Austin's (ok, Texas's) best musicians/songwriters/singers/players.  You have from Austin Sarah Brown, Shelley King, Lisa Pankratz and Carolyn Wonderland while from Dallas, Floramay Holliday.  Shelley, Carolyn and Floramay all lead their own bands while Sarah and Lisa play in different groups including Dave Alvin's Guilty Women.  Suffice to say, a ton of talent on 1 stage.
They only get together now and then which is a shame because boy, are they ever terrific.  They do what I call rocktonk as in some seriously rockin' honky tonk.  But they also do some blues, a little of this, a little of that and combined, it all sounds great.
All 5 sing and their voices together, I can't tell you how good they sound.  You need to go see/hear them!  Check them out here:

Go see them the next time they're at Threadgill's.  You will have a fantastic time!
$10 cover is a real bargain.

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