Sunday, May 2, 2010

KEVIN WELCH at Cactus Cafe 4-23-10

This was a cd release show for his GREAT new record "A Patch Of Blue Sky."  It is officially not released but he was selling them at this show.  I haven't stopped listening to it.  In a different time, the lead track, "Come A Rain," would be a big hit.  The entire record, from beginning to end, is terrific.  A real rarity these days.  Buy it as soon as you can!
On to the show.  God, it was good.  Kevin had all the players from the recording there except for the drummer.  Rick Richards was drumming that night with Ray Wylie Hubbard.  In the band were Dustin, his son, on banjo and dobro, Bukka Allen (BoDeans) on keys, Glenn Fukunaga (Eliza Gilksyon among many others) on bass, Brian Standefer (Alejandro Escovedo and various other bands) on cello and Fats Kaplan on everything under the sun; violin, steel, guitar.
He played the entire album.  Then he played a bunch of his older songs.  What a writer.  In a town that is full of them, I do believe he is my favorite.  Love his voice.  He's the whole enchilada, for my money.  The best $15 I've spent all year was the admission to this show.  The next best $15 was buying the cd.
If Kevin is not on your radar you need to get him on there.

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