Sunday, May 2, 2010

SLAID CLEAVES down at the Horseshoe Lounge 4-20-10

Talk about a really neat idea.  Slaid Cleaves's website, tour section, had an interesting tidbit for this date.  It said if you're in Austin and want to see Slaid, email for details.  Turns out he decided to record a live cd at the Horseshoe Lounge!  You'd have to see this place to believe it.  A real throwback.  The deal was, no tickets, no charge, no list at the door, just show up.  Are you kidding me??!!
Well, our group got there around 4:30pm for an 8pm show!  We got a table directly in front of where Slaid and his great guitarist, Michael O'Connor, would be playing.  The Shoe started filling up around 7pm and by the time 8pm got there, it was crowded.  It continued filling up until the place was packed!
They started on time and played for about an hour.  Kind of a warm up hour, really.  It started out to be a terrific time.  Here we were, sitting right in front of these guys while they played all the great Slaid songs, yodels and all!  The whole concept, doing a cd at this little saloon in South Austin, a place he's mentioned in several songs, was very cool.
But then the second set started.  What had to be his biggest fan in the whole wide world decided to sit down about 2 feet from Slaid, right next to our table, and sing every word to every song in her outside voice.  I don't know if she wanted to be on the cd or just wanted everyone to know she knew all of the words.  Regardless, it was unGodly annoying.  Seriously annoying.  Rude.  Ridiculous.
We tried to get past it but after a full hour of listening to her ruin every song we couldn't take another set, so we left.  I don't know how the 3rd set turned out.  I hope it went well and they are able to get a live record out of it. Still think it was an awfully neat thing to try.  Just unfortunate we ended up on top of the over the top,

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