Sunday, May 2, 2010

AMY COOK at Waterloo Records 4-6-10 and Hotel San Jose 4-8-10

Got to see 2 cd release shows from Amy.  The new record is called "Let The Light In" and it is really good.
Both shows were a contrast and I really enjoyed each.
The Waterloo show lasted about 30 minutes and she tore through maybe 6 songs off the new album.  She had a full band and they pretty much blew the roof off of Waterloo.  It was great!  This girl has some punk in her, you hear it on the cd and we got to witness it in this performance.
At the Hotel San Jose she had Jake Owen (he is so good, love him) on guitar and the Tosca String Quartet so we got the quieter version of Amy.  This side of her is just as good as the rockin' side so it was also a treat to see.  Not to mention, it fit perfectly with the surroundings.  Hard to describe how cool the patio at Hotel San Jose is but it's one of my favorite places to go for a drink or 2.  Even though it's on Congress in the heart of all the chaos, that patio feels like it's a million miles away.  The show lasted about an hour, the patio was packed and it was a terrific time.
Both shows were free.
I highly recommend this album.  I'm still playing the heck out of it.

Oh yeah, got a couple of decent videos from these performances but I love the one from Hotel San Jose:

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