Sunday, May 2, 2010


This festival is held out by the Salt Lick BBQ, about 15 miles outside South Austin.  It has a nice laid back vibe to it.  The only downside is that it leans heavily on bluegrass, which for me, a little bit goes a long way.  Anyway, we bought the 3 day pass with plans to go Friday and Saturday.
Friday, we arrived in time for John Fullbright's set.  Unfortunately, they put him on the stage which is inside a little building that always has terrible sound.  To make matters worse, much worse, he was playing at the same time another band, on a stage 50 yards away, was blasting.  The kid is already a pro.  He sailed through his set and we, his audience, ate him up.  I've said it before, but honest to God, he is the real deal.  He is Bob Dylan, Woodie Guthrie and Hank Williams rolled into one.  I hate to even mention those names because he is an original.
Next we headed to the big stage for Ruthie Foster.  Hadn't seen her in well over a year.  She and her band were fabulous.  Played a great rockin,' rhythmic set.
After that was Alejandro Escovedo and his band called the Sensitive Boys.  He has a new record coming out in June and we got to hear a bunch from it.  Fantastic.  We left before Joe Ely.  I know.  But we were wiped.
Saturday we saw Buddy Miller and yes, Patty Griffin did join him.  I was front row for this set.  It was really good.  Next was Patty Griffin.  The rain stopped, she and the boys, including Buddy, came out and treated us to a ton off "Downtown Church" and just a couple of hours of great music.
That was it for us.  Other than John Fullbright, we watched the main stage headliners and called it a day.  I think the passes were $135.

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