Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WILLIAMS NITE at Threadgill's 9-14-10

This was the 4th annual, my 2nd, Williams Nite where local musicians get together and honor Hank and Lucinda by playing a song of each along with one of their own.  I love these kind of shows because you get to see so many artists, different styles and just a bunch of good music and it's bang, bang, bang, one after another up on stage.
This was a $10 cover, all of which went to an emergency breast cancer support fund called b club.  The musicians were playing for free, although there was a tip jar but with that many musicians, once it was divvied, couldn't have amounted to much each.
On to the show.  A blast.  At least 12 different acts doing 3 songs each.  Patterson Barrett and Julieann Banks kicked off the evening with Lucinda's "Crescent City," a favorite of mine.
Richard Bowden, a violinist, played with just about everybody, I think.  As someone said, he was the house band!
I'd never heard George Ensle before and I loved his voice.  He also had Kristin DeWitt harmonizing with him and that was real neat because she hardly ever comes out and has a knockout voice.
Another cool moment, Randy Weeks played the song he wrote that Lucinda had a huge hit with, "Can't Let Go." Jess Klein harmonized with him.  They sounded great!
Next came one of the big highlights, I thought.  Danny Malone with 2 singers named Jazz and Angelina.  He took Lucinda's "Changed the Locks" and really changed it up style wise and it was so good!  Outstanding.  This guy has a lot of soul.  Jazz has one heckuva voice.  Wish I knew her last name.  She was terrific.  The 3 of them did an a cappella number that was mesmerizing.  It was one of Jazz's songs, I believe.  Anyway, this trio ratcheted it up a notch, for sure.
Next highlight was Noelle Hampton bringing BettySoo and Jess Klein up to sing harmony on her song "Blackwing Butterfly."  It's a good, little catchy number and all those voices sounded great!
Jenny Reynolds, who puts this show together, came up and brought Kristin DeWitt back up for "Drunken Angel."  It was terrific!
Shelley King got to play 4 songs because whoever was up after her wasn't there yet, I guess.  Anyway, they picked a good one to do the extra song.  Shelley's 4 song set, along with Danny Malone, were my 2 favorites on this evening.  She had her keyboard (Chip Dolan) and lead guitarist (Marvin Dykhuis) with her and Richard Bowden played fiddle, also.  They started with "Still I Long For Your Kiss" and Shelley just ate that song up!  Then she did Hank's "Why Don't You Love Me" and that was fantastic.  Seriously honky tonking.  After that it was her own "Welcome Home" which is so good.  Marvin sings the heck out of that song.  Lastly was "How You Make Me Feel" and then they were done.  Could have listened to them all night.
Closing out the night was Guy Forsyth and he had a guy on harmonica named Wammo!  They did a great "Ramblin' Man."  Brought Kristen up for "Prove My Love."  Really good.
Show started right at 7pm and it was after 10:30 when it was finished.  This stuff doesn't happen anywhere else.  You can't tell me it does.  We're lucky.

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